Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beware the Small Job

A couple of weeks ago I decided that the foliage of the tree in the photo of 1307 was too green so I proceeded to spray paint it with a lighter olive green. To keep the different shades of the existing foliage I thinned the enamel matt paint more than normal and made up about a thimble full of the paint and started spraying.

Now here is the rub, I was doing it in the garage without any sort of spray booth, just a cardboard box. The theory was that I would do it quickly and exit the garage.

Well, too late, a voice came from the doorway, "What are you doing? I can smell that in the study!"


Chris my wife had arrived.

I should explain something here, it is of course not a very good idea health wise and I of all people should know as about 8 years ago I had Lymphoma a form of cancer that was caused by exposure to benzene solvent at work 30 years before.

So, I quickly assured Chris that I would set up my spray booth that had sat in the corner of garage under the layout since we moved into our new house in 1995.

I had not been doing much spraying because of the difficulty in extracting the booth from under all the spare timber that had 'grown' around it.

Now this meant moving a lot of saved treasure (read junk) and the first picture is the result. About half of the timber went to the tip on Monday at a cost of $25 not counting the value of the timber itself.

The tree, the cause of all the trouble is sitting on top of the lower staging yard on the site of the Cassilis branch terminus station.

The second picture shows the booth on the left and the brick wall where the wall vent is located that will be the exit point for the ducting.

That was last Saturday and since then I have assembled most of the ducting and tonight I was about to connect the ducting to the wall vent exit when I found that the bricks were saturated. Fearing real rising damp problems I investigated but the wetness was only a small area at the vent. It turned out to be a coiled hose on a bracket outside that was just dripping onto the wall, what a relief.

Now of course I have to wait for the bricks to dry out before I can apply any gap filling sealant, probably at least a week, I hope we don't get any rain for a while.

I started all this before I went to the Epping Model Railway Club exhibition last Saturday where I came home really enthused by Bowen Creek and the incredible scenery of Muskrat Ramble.

I also picked up a 60' Sellars turntable from Anton (very nice) for my Cassilis station and was looking forward to starting the benchwork and getting on with it.

Bowen Creek was such an incredible piece of work and I wanted to get right to work.

All I can say is GRRRRR!!!!!

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IainS said...


I know exactly the feeling. In my case I had taken some video of Bowen Creek but because its a Sony camera and I use mini DVD tapes which I can only get to work on my Toshiba laptop I had to use it. But because I had upgraded Vista to Windows 7, I thought I'd update Sony's download software. This I did but it refused to recognise my camera so I had to uninstall using system restore then use the old software and finally got the tape downloaded. But because I had upgraded to Windows 7 I am having trouble getting the Toshiba to network with my other computers so I had to burn the file to ....

It just goes on and on no wonder my modelling time disappears to almost nothing.

Hopefully I will get a little bit of video on Bowen Creek out soon.