Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Liverpool Exhibition

The Liverpool exhibition has came and gone again and I found it to be very inspiring. I normally go twice but this time we had to go to a wedding at Robertson on the Sunday and my daughter's birthday on the Monday, however the one visit still gave me a boost.

I arrived at about 1:45pm and left at 5:00pm having only made about one complete trip around all the exhibits due to stopping and chatting.

I also managed to take a few photos, something I usually give a miss as exhibitions are not the best for trying to take photos ( for some reason the trains keep moving). I also hate the use of perspex as it makes photographing very difficult. I had some nice shots of Time and Patience  and Central that I can't use because of the reflections of flourescents lights over the models beyond the perspex, grrrr!!!!

Here are a few shots that I like.

Ross Balderson's Central Station 1958.

Museum Station

Time and Patience


I damaged the bank account with some book purchases but had to leave a lot of other interesting stuff behind.

All in all, a good exhibition.


Andrew Campbell said...

Hi Ray,
Really like Museum, I always wanted to do one of the stations in Sydney's underground. I can see the bits missing on the layout but gee your photo really captures the detail that is there, eg: the pipe work including all the collars etc. Also that one photo captures the feel of the area. Well done, I hope to see this exhibit one day, I really think its on the money. Tell me its as good in the flesh as this photo?

Ray P said...


Yes, it is but it is of course just a 'shadow box' layout, the trains come out of the tunnel into the station then leave the same way.

It is a lovely bit of work, I saw it a number of years ago (10?) and liked it then as I used to catch a train to and from it for a while many, many years (decades) ago.