Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What would it look like?

I was playing around last night with some photos I took of my new Cassilis branch terminus and decided to have a little photoshop fun.
I started with this photo:

and ended up with this:

All a little rough but it is interesting to see the station in an extended countryside setting. I might have to look at painting the black fascias with some sort of foreground scene to blend it in, it could work.
Of course I will also have to build my Keiran Ryan S08 silo to replace the temporary silos, looks like an interesting project. There will also be a couple more buildings on the street behind the station.



Great work Ray, the brickwork has stopped dominating the scene and your fore ground modelling has really popped out. The Cassils scene is really coming along nicely. I will have to invest in one of those turntables. Well done. Darren

Ray P said...


Thanks for the comments and thanks for the post. Ian Millard contacted me this week by email saying he could't post a comment on my blog but you have, so all is good.
The Anton's 60' turntable works well, it is manual and I have made everything in Cassilis manual just to get the flavour of a branch terminus.


Nick Sheridan said...

Have you any experience of their 75' TTs Ray or their motorising kits? cheers nick

Ray P said...


I have the 75' turntable at the Wollar loco depot. I have had it for a number of years and I think it may be an early one. The mechanism on mine is not very good but I think Anton may have changed the drive from a friction belt to the notched/geared belt of the later larger turntable. The gear drive prior to the final belt drive is very noisy on mine and while it is turning the belt tends to slip a bit.

You would be best to contact Anton about the mechanism.


Doug Erskine said...

Regarding the Antons 60ft turntable, how did you go about providing power to the rails for DCC use? The as supplied wipers tend to short or drop out as the polarity changes when turning.

Regards, Doug.

Ray P said...


The power is supplied to the rails as built which does mean that sound locos lose the sound momentarily, no shorts though. I haven't worked out a way around that as yet.

Ray P