Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Abrasive block update - Amended

Here is an update on the availability and price of the Josco GarryFlex abrasive block.

In a comment by 'Biokeith' on my last post I was pointed towards Element14 which used to be Farnells as being a supplier of the block at a better online price of $11.60 and then a sliding scale downwards as you order more.

Here is the link.

Element14 also have a Trade Counter that can be found at:

72 Ferndell Street,
Chester Hill NSW 2162

Further contact information online at: Element14.

'AlbertM' also left  a comment to advised me that he had got a block at Fishers Discounts in ACT. I tried to find the abrasive block on their site but couldn't.

I have amended the RS Components company to Farnell above after a comment by Brendan who stated that RS Components has the abrasive blocks.

RS Components address is:

25 Pavesi St
Smithfield. NSW 2164

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Anonymous said...

Just a slight correction. Element14 used to be Farnell, not RS Components. The latter still exists and they also carry the abrasive block.