Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

This afternoon Ron Cunningham, Gary Laker and myself drove down to the Illawarra Model Railway Club for their Christmas party. The club had the layouts operating, NSW railway DVDs running on a wide screen TV, lucky door prizes, nibbles, drinks, pizza and the afternoon was filled with good conversation and camaraderie. I was lucky enough to win a grey Trainorama OHG guards van in the lucky door prize drawings. Thanks for a lovely afternoon boys.

Well, as it is that time of year here is my usual Christmas card and yes, I do know that the points aren't closed. I took the photo without the layout powered up and it only came to my notice when Ian Dunn pointed it out. Also, the retaining wall below the shop still needs to be done, this being a view that you can't normally see from the aisle.

Some modellers know already that I have been working since May on a number of 3D printed NSWGR lower quadrant signals, three of which are pictured in the above photo.

My intention is to open a Shapeways Shop on the Shapeways web site where those that are interested will be able to order the signals to be printed and sent to them.

Please note that the prices on the Shapeways site are US$.

Given the current exchange rate I think that the parts for a single signal (say that quick!) will be about AU$45 and a bracket style signal will be about AU$55.

The only other items you will need not counting an operating method is some 0.015" and 0.032" phosphor bronze wire (Titchy Train Group), some #4 6mm screws (Jaycar), some 8BA or 2-56 12mm screws (those black acetal Kadee ones work well) and some 3mm washers (Jaycar).

I will also be starting another blog which will have the instructions to put the signals together and make them operate.

I have designed 20 different signals along with signal detail parts and several other items.

The signals are relatively easy to put together, as long as you can bend some wire, screw in screws and paint the signals.

There is an operating mechanism that has been designed to allow the movement of the signal arm to be limited to its correct arc. The signal can then be installed in a 20mm or 22mm hole in the baseboard after which one of several means of operation may be used such as servos, solenoids, push/pull rods or even fishing line and sinker counterweights, it is up to you.

I have spent a lot of time to work this out and I hope that you like the result.

So if all goes well I hope to open the shop in early January and I will announce it on this blog at that time.

I will post more information soon.

Anyway until then, Chris and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Walter Hinterberger said...

Perhaps you could get carried away and include some 'Mexican' signals in the range - I'm sure it would be appreciated :-). A Happy Christmas to you and your family and more great modelling in the New Year. Walter (Cathkin).

oscar ahumada said...

Merry Christmas looking forward to hopefully getting some signals from you in the near future cheers oscar

Iain Robinson said...

Merry Christmas, Ray...hope Santa's good to you!

Shelton D'Cruz said...

incredible photos of your layout - just stunning - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ray.


Ray P said...

Walter, Oscar. Iain and Shelton

I hope Christmas was good to you and that all had an enjoyable time, I know we did.

All the best for the season,