Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Some more Fine Detail and 7mm Scale Signals - Offset Brackets

Just a short post to announce that I have recently made some left and right hand offset bracket signals available on my Signals Branch Shapeways Shop in the HO Fine Detail range and the 7mm Scale WSF range.

Here are some 3D renders of the signals showing the detail level. Note that these are views of the 7mm Scale signals as they show the operating mechanism below the signal base, however the HO Fine Detail Signals have the same level of detail (basically the same 3D file) but without the mechanism which needs to be ordered separately as it is in WSF to reduce the cost.

I would like to point out that these signals have two signal arms, a 39 inch and a 30 inch to allow the modeller to choose which one to use.
Overall view of the Right Hand Offset Bracket Signal
Right Hand Offset Bracket Signal platform detail

Right Hand Bracket Signal platform underside detail
Overall view of the Left Hand Bracket Signal
Note the pulleys at the base of the signal post and the small supporting brackets under the platform
Note that the large cast iron bracket is not printed in place to allow the inner surfaces
of the timber beams and underside of the platform to be painted
I have also added a left hand offset bracket to the White Strong and Flexible (WSF) original HO signal range but of course the range doesn't have the higher level of detail.

Well, that's it for now but I will get back to some posts about the layout soon.

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