Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Another Shapeways Sale - 15% Off Cast Metals

Shapeways has 15% off cast metals sale on at the moment. So brass models are the go!
Have a look at my latest signals and NSWR C32 Sand boxes in brass.

Since my last post about brass signals I have added the rest of the signal parts to the post and the 23 ft timber post signal and a new 23 ft round steel post signal with parts have passed the technical review by Shapeways and are being printed.

Brass 23 ft Round Steel Post Signal with Detail Parts

Brass 23 ft Timber Post Signal with Detail Parts

Brass C32 Sandboxes for Ixion C32 - Also available in FUD and FXD
I will expand the range of brass signals as soon as I can.
Of course the appropriate WSF mechanism and a ladder are required for each signal.

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