Wednesday, April 25, 2018

My 3D Printing Talk at the Modelling the Railways of NSW Convention 35

As you may know already I will be giving a talk on practical information for 3D printing at the Modelling the Railways of NSW Convention 35 at Loftus on 19 May 2018.

I will be passing on the knowledge and experiences that I have gained over the last four years playing around with 3D printing. Firstly with Shapeways and more recently with the two different style 3D printers that I bought.

I hope to give those who are interested enough information to get them started in this fascinating aspect of our hobby.

Be aware though that it can be very absorbing and another hobby in itself. I have probably put hundreds and hundreds of hours into the drawing side and the printing side is certainly not the fastest thing going.

The successful setup of a 3D printer can be a bit demanding but when you get a good print it is a great feeling, particularly when you have had the idea and drawn the item up.

A recent item I printed came about when I had the idea to draw up some one and a half inch nuts/bolts with three inch square washers for the Laser Rail Bits NSWGR Timber Trestle Bridge kit I was building. Within about 2 hours I had drawn the nut/bolt/washer, copied 272 of them, attached them to a sprue arrangement,, saved the model to the STL file format and printed them on my ANYCUBIC Photon DLP printer. Now that was fun!

I have yet to install these on the trestle bridge as that other thing called real life keeps intruding.

I also did some hex nut/bolts with 3 inch round washers, just because I could.

I have added both of the nut bolt washer types to my Signals Branch Shop.

HO 1.5 inch square nut-bolt and 3 inch square washers

HO 1.5 hex inch nut-bolt and 3 inch round washers

Here are some other things I have printed on the Photon printer.

HO 3D printed cows - 3D model from the internet - Showing
some support marks I didn't clean properly
HO 3D printed water tank - Support marks not cleaned off yet

HO Werris Creek station building window - Dots are support marks on back of window


Colin Hussey said...

Ray, I can very much concur with where you are coming from, another hobby within a hobby, Wonderful statement indeed, and in reality probably a nice distraction overall when looking at the work you have done.

While I love your work, I have enough distractions with the move and layout as it is now, without any more, no matter how easy.

BTW I admire your skills and what you are doing. It certainly means that once you have mastered the work and skills get better, what a marvellous way to go with getting items one wants without having to chase shops and the internet. Keep it up.


Ray P said...

Thank you Colin, appreciated.

DavidV said...

Great detailing projects Ray. I especially like the cows. With a little work in Meshmixer they could be even be customised.
One of the projects I have on my list is a late 50's petrol pump with a Golden Fleece ram on top. I am still looking out for a "near enough" ram model to use.

Ray P said...


The cows have been customised, I started with a cow with head up, then dropped the head for a grazing one. The original cow had it's head angled slightly to one side, so I then flipped the cow the other way making a third version.

For the Golden Fleece ram if you can find a side on photo online you could trace the outline of the ram in your favourite 3D program then extrude it to give it thickness, round all the edges, thin the nose and in HO that would probably do.

Ray P