Thursday, June 6, 2019

Gilmore Signal Box - 3D Print

I have had a request to do the signal box at the Gilmore Station on the Tumut line. I decided to draw it up even though the chances of covering my time would be very slight but I like a challenge occasionally. No I can't do every thing that someone thinks up!

I found that there were very few photos around but I did find two in the Train Hobby NSWR Station series of books. One photo was a view of the end of the signal box from a distance and it appeared that the box was built of 10 inch PC panels so I proceeded to draw it based on that.

Well, just before the latest AMRM magazine was released I discovered another few photos on Rolfe Bozier's web site that showed that it was actually built of 15 inch panels, bummer!

Gilmore Signal Box in 2002 - Rolfe Bozier web site

Gilmore Signal Box in 2002 - Rolfe Bozier web site
So, in the AMRM News section there was a photo of a computer render I had supplied of the model signal box with the incorrect panels. Back to the computer then and two days later all was done.

Here are a couple of renders of the final signal box.

Tom Pall sent me a photo of the Gilmore Signal Box after he saw the render in AMRM and while it shows the 15 inch panels they also look like they have lines at the middle which would be why my distant view made me think it had 10 inch panels. Tom was relieved when I told him I had already discovered and corrected the issue.

Gilmore Signal Box - Tom Pall
The AMRM stated that the HO Gilmore Signal Box was for sale however I haven't made it available as yet as I have been trying to optimise the cost due to the recent increase from Shapeways for the Fine Detail Plastic material. It should be available shortly with several options of materials so that the cost can be worked out to suit (see renders below).

Gilmore Signal Box Walls - Available in White Versatile Plastic or Fine Detail Plastic
Gilmore Signal Box Roof - Available in White Versatile Plastic or Fine Detail Plastic
Gilmore Detail Parts in Fine Detail Plastic

Gilmore Signal Box PC Water Tank - Available in White Versatile Plastic or Fine Detail Plastic
It will also be available complete in Fine Detail Plastic with all details printed in place except for the water tank. The issue here will be with painting the doors, windows etc. in place on the model as against separately on a sprue.

OK, here is the sales pitch! With Casula Hobbies bringing out the HO RTR Z19 Class steam locomotive with the early Baldwin bogie tender then there is no reason not to model the Tumut branch so you will definitely need the Gilmore Signal Box.


Christopher Hain said...

Ray, Again mate thank you very much for your brilliant work and I will put my order in on thursday. As you say with Joe at Casula releasing the 19 class there really isn't any excuse for people not to give the Tumut line a go
Chris Hain

Ray P said...


The HO Gilmore Signal Box is now available on my Signals Branch shop.

I have optimised the prices of the required components as best I can so it is up to the modeller to decide on which material to order each component in.


Rob Nesbitt said...

Sorry Ray, your guess on the window style for Gilmore is WRONG. I have scanned in my slide of the box taken in 1990, and the lower window has 9 glass panes, not the 6 you have 3D rendered. I am happy to send you my pictures. Contact me via email

Argyle said...

Hi Ray, Thanks for your efforts with 3D prototyping and printing. It is greatly appreciated. A minor correction regarding the Z19 tender, it is not a Wampu (fitted to standard goods locos only) but a former Baldwin tender from the O, J and L classes.

Best regards,


Ray P said...


Of course you are right, I should have thought more about it.

Ray P

Ray P said...


Thanks for the information, email sent.

Ray P

Christopher Hain said...
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Unknown said...

AJRM #8 contains a plan of the 15" slab box, modelling photos of boxes at Gilmore, Rankins Springs and Bogan Gate as well as listing the 42 locations at which they were built or relocated to and their opening date.

Ray P said...


Thanks for that, I missed that article, I should read through the AJRMs more often.

I will have to do a version with the door at the other end then modellers will can find a photo of the box at the station they are modelling.

I know that Weethalle has the door at the other end and it was on my mind do do it..


Christopher Hain said...

Gilmore signal box has arrived and looks fantastic and I did notice that you have updated the window to have the correct 9 panes. Thank you once again and now im going to see about putting it together


Ray P said...

Christopher Hain -Please contact me.

Ray P