Saturday, February 20, 2021

A Recent Visitor to BYLONG

 A few weeks ago my BYLONG layout had an interesting visitor, the engineering sample of the Casula Hobbies Z19.

The model ran very smoothly and is geared down to a very respectable low top speed typical of the prototype. I didn't measure the speed but it appears to be no more than about a scale 40 mph. Slow speed running at DCC speed step one was impressive as well. The detail level is fantastic!

I have the Baldwin tender 1957 with cowcatcher and sound on order for my Cassilis branch line. The branch line is not fenced so the cowcatcher is needed. My Wombat C30T is the current branch locomotive but it doesn't have a cowcatcher, something I may have to remedy in the future.


Anonymous said...

Great review of the upcoming Z19 from Casula. Loved the low speed characteristics. I have oredered an engine - cannot wait for its arrival. Gary

South Coast Rail said...

excellent photos, may we see more photos of your great layout this year. One more post to match last years average!

Christopher Hain said...

The 19s really do look the goods and having sound DCC and keep alive from factory is a welcome development. Also if your after a cowcatcher for your 30T I have a spare one from Wombat that I can send you.Shoot me an email if your interested mate
Cheers, Chris

Ray P said...

Thanks, that is a very nice offer, however, I have a coupler mounted on the front for shunting and from what I have seen of the Wombat cowcatcher I can't see how it would fit and still allow a coupler. That is what my comment is about.


Christopher Hain said...

Hi Ray, The offer is always there mate, it the least I can do after the fantastic work you did on the Gilmore signal box for me. That said I understand what you mean and agree that the front coupler would be an issue with the catcher fitted. If you do design one of your own im sure that is something you will allow for mate and I would be interested in.
Stay safe mate and take care