Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cassilis Version 4

Here is another version of Cassilis, this one is in response to a comment from James McInerney on my first version (see first Cassilis post below) regarding the placement of the silo and the stock yards. I knew that they should have been swapped to be more prototypical but was pushed for room for the silo.

Well, once you have the detail police on your tail you may as well give up so here is a better version.

I had another version that was prompted by 'Tom' from another comment about tracks being parallel to the baseboard edge and the need for a coaling stage track. I did a version to suit but have had to put the tracks back parallel again to fit the silo.

I am open to any suggestions but the available space is 3600mm x 600mm (12' x 2') as it will sit above the lower staging yard where the upper staging yard was until it's recent move.

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James McInerney said...

Looking better! (At least from a prototypical point of view - the warrant for your arrest by the Detail Police has been postponed... ;o) If you don't want to have everything straight, how about gently bending the yard in a gentle S curve towards the top left from the about the loco siding turnout. Tottenham (NSW) was on a gentle curve through the station area and had certain similarities with your design. Also, the stock races should be in the middle of the stock siding, to maximise siding capacity, as the wagons to be loaded (or unloaded) were placed on the 'up hill' end of the siding and then gravitated to the race for loading/unloading as required by the workers on the ground. So the maximum number of wagons that could be accommodated was half the siding's capacity. (ie, if the siding was =20 long, only the equivalent of 10 four-wheelers could be placed in the siding and still be able to be loaded/unloaded. So you can see why it is important to place the stockraces at the midpoint of the siding!