Monday, December 14, 2009


I write this post with no more progress on the layout, still in the doldrums.

However, I have been busy wasting my time by trawling the web.

Digressing slightly, Chris and I went away for a few days late last week and as we were leaving we dropped into the local newsagency to pick up something to read. I couldn't find anything so I bought an English model railway magazine remembering that I had picked one up a few months ago and had been refreshed by it. I hadn't investigated the British scene for many years.

This event caused me to have a better look.

I present to you now some web sites that should inspire and hopefully not bring on feelings of inadequacy. We can all learn from others and these few sites are just fantastic!

Here is the first a look at Irish Railways (5'3" gauge) in P4.

Now some thing from Scotland.

And a site by Chris Nevard with some small layouts in the British style with a lot of incredible model photos, note the real cat in this photo.

I came to these sites through a site with a huge number of links on all sorts of model railway subjects. A small number of the links are dead as you would expect with so many to keep up to date but Bob Heath the owner has done an amazing job of bringing them together in the one spot.

I hope you enjoy cruising through these sites and I apologise for dragging you away from your modelling.

Plenty of inspiration, now to some modelling again.

I have been taking a few photos though, so something is happening.

Early morning in Wollar, no Photoshoping just the light through the garage window without the lights on.

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