Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas

I will be having some time off at Christmas (back to work 11 January) and hope to get a bit of modelling done. I might even get back to the remaining points for Cassilis, who knows.

My first efforts though will be directed at making a station building for Wollar; that platform has been bare for too long.

The building will be an island platform version of the Rail Central Pc3.

A picture of Cumnock station, one of the two such buildings can be found at the Rail Central site here, just scroll down.

The other building was at Yeoval but was different as near as I can tell from the few photos I have seen. Note that neither was actually a Pc3, they appear to have been built to suit local requirements.

I hope you all can find a bit of time for modelling after the family time and festivities so to everyone, please have a merry and safe Christmas.


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