Saturday, May 28, 2011

Arrival and Departures at Wollar

A comment by Ian Phemister on my last post about the Austrains FS and BS coaches and requesting a video of same led me to quickly do this video tonight.

Operationally we see 3390 bringing a Cassilis branch goods into the small Wollar exchange sidings as 5085 shunts the goods siding on the other side of the yard.
Shortly after 4908 on a passenger working pulls out of the Wollar main platform heading towards Gulgong.
On the way out of the yard 4908 passes the last limit of the town at the level crossing and then passes the flour mill before heading towards the 1 in 40 grade.
As you will notice on a relatively narrow two level layout taking a video without seeing the edge of the layout or the top of the backscene is a challenge, this is why I am working to raise the height of the backscenes to 600mm and yes, in my usual manner I have stalled.
It seems lately that the house requires a bit of maintenance so it is going to have to come first, I'm replacing a second downpipe tomorrow.


alco said...

Somw fine modelling there. Love the sound of the 49. A nice looking layout. Keep up the effort.


Ian Phemister said...

Bloody Marvelous Ray. They look great. I have been working on mine the last few days. Check out the Blog shortly.
Do you have your camera set on auto or manual focus?


Ray P said...


My camera is a JVC GZ-HD620BAA Full HD and I use it on Auto focus so far. Ithink it would be too difficult to manually focus on a train that is moving towards you.


Anonymous said...

Always great content Ray, what do you use for DCC sound in the 49?

Ray P said...


The 49 has a Soundtraxx Tsunami EMD 567 sound decoder using the speaker already in the 49 but the speaker has been turned upwards as it is projecting downwards into the chassis and the sound is not good as it comes.