Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Amazing what you find on the net

While cruising the net this evening I stumbled across these two videos on YouTube.

Video 1      Video 2

Although I have driven through the Bylong area about 15 years ago and have some video I didn't notice the reddish colour of some of the soil so I will have to add a little here and there to correct this on the layout.

I also note the large number of small trees and bushes close to the track, I might add a few more to the layout but since 1965 was in drought I think that most of my scenery will be fine, although my backscenes are too green apparently (not that I knew about the drought when I painted them).

That's about it for the moment.


Gary Laker said...

Awsome clips, so much more intereting with music ! Never knew there was a TGV service on the Ulan! ;-)

James McInerney said...

Don't be mislead by the enroachment of trees and bushes that occurred after the end of steam (or in the case of the Ulan line which wasn't opened till after the end of steam). In 1965 any ganger allowing that sort of enroachment would be in very serious trouble with the 'higher ups'. In the steam era the linesides were very carefully denuded of trees and bushes right back to the fenceline and firebreaks constructed, plus the grass was burnt off at the end of winter to prevent the risk of fires started by the steam locos. Have a look at the Train Hobby books, they show very clearly what it was like, especially the latest on the Boorowa, Crookwell and Yass lines, which I just happened to review for the October issue of AMRM!

Ray P said...

Sorry, but that paragraph was a bit 'tongue in cheek', you of all people (and Colin Hussey) should have understood the reference to the backscenes being too green and the 1965 drought :-)
Since you operated on Bylong last Friday night and at other times you would have noticed the cleared space between the track and the fences all around the layout apart from the Coxs Gap area where I wanted some vegetation along the edge of the layout.
I think that you just decided to run a little AMRM advert. ;-)


Nick Sheridan said...

This always leaves me uncertain to the extent that altho lineside clearing was much in evidence in the steam era, there was also alot more tree cover generally outside the rail corridor .... so do you add more trees on a layout to arrive at an overall more 'realistic' scene?
cheers, Nick

Ray P said...

In the video I was actually quite amazed at how close the bushes were to the track.
I haven't counted them but I suppose that I could have as many as 350-400 bushes and trees on the layout. I know this as I have used 3 packets of JTT 1"-3" branches as bushes plus many more bushes and trees. 400 might even be conservative, I might count them one day.
I think that if you model what you see in photos of your area of interest then you can't go wrong, just don't model the Illawarra or Blue Mountains :-)