Friday, October 5, 2012

CW - Not so 'quick and dirty' now

The taller gap of the 'window' area of the Camco CW was distracting, making the CW taller and caused it to stand out amongst the Austrains CWs so it had to be sorted.

I did what I proposed in my last post and cut the top plate of the wagon side out and lowered it to match the Austrains CW. This resulted in the loss of the steel brackets of the internal angled braces but I think it was worth it. If the shortening was done at the bottom of the'window' by trimming the vertical frame'studs' and the angled braces the top brackets would have been saved and it could have looked better.

It's funny how we sometimes see a better way after we have completed something but then too much planning can lead to procrastination.

I used the Austrains CW roof as a template to mark the wagon ends to the correct end profile. The Austrains roof was held in place against the tops of the steel plates on the wagon end and the roof line was scribed with a hobby knife point. Almost 1mm was removed from the top of the end to match the profile, I used a pair of sharp transistor nippers to remove the bulk of the plastic then filed it smooth.

Here are the two CWs, much better.

One day I will replace the handbrake and bracket of the S truck underframe with something more suitable.

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