Monday, July 1, 2013

Modelling the Railways of NSW - 30 Convention

I attended the MRNSW 30 convention last Saturday as a paying participant which is somewhat different since I have been involved in it one way or another for virtually all its 'life'.

I  managed to see 'Prototype Operational Practices for Your Layout' by Ben Barnes and Mark Newton which gave a basic course in safe working, the use of whistles and marker lights. Ben and Mark intend to move the information to more complex aspects next year so I must make sure I get my form in early so that I get this as one of my allocations.

I also caught the 'Introduction to NSWGR Mechanical Signals' session with Dale Richards which began with the basics of each signal type (Home, Distant, Starter) and then went on to signal a loop on single track and then double track with the increasing complexity. Very clearly explained with the use of a Powerpoint presentation. Unfortunately I didn't look at the convention notes until I got home and found that I was supposed to take notes on a blank page headlined for the session, very disappointing. I hope that the Powerpoint presentation will be available on the usual DVD disc available later.

I missed seeing Rohan Fergusson's talk on 'Modelling Australian Military Equipment and its Transportation', but between sessions I did manage a quick look at the large range of models he brought with him to his presentation. Very nice Rohan!

I was programmed in for Chris Wangmann's 'Sandy Hollow - Maryvale Railway' session but had to miss it as it was the last session of the day and I was too tired having been out late on Friday night to my boss's farewell, sorry Chris, but I do have the notes.

These were the highlights for me as I managed to forget to put my form in early enough even though I new the consequences. I would have liked to see Ray Love's 'Aspects of 50 and 53 Class Steam locomotives' and Craig Mackey's 'P Class Locomotives' talks.

The Tumut layout was very nice but sorry no photos, I didn't take my camera with me. It was three sections of the full layout which is much larger. There was a document displaying the various ways that all of the sections can be put together. Model photos would have been difficult as the layout doesn't have any back scenes which would limit the sense of immersion.

Of course the usual range of commercials were there and I picked up a SDS Models 1970's BP three round dome tanker that I will be back dating to the mid-1960's. For those that are interested Eureka had the running engineering samples of the saturated and superheated NSWGR D50 Class steam locomotives. As you know, I am a friend of Ron Cunningham's but regardless of that, these are very, very nice. I went to Ron's last week and took some photos of them for AMRM and Ron's Eureka Models blog/web site and saw them running on DC, very smooth and silent. One of the D50s now has to go to QSI in the USA so that the DCC QSI board can be designed before the production run so a while to wait yet. As AMRM only required one of the photos I sent here are the two D50 versions, I hope Ron doesn't mind me releasing these photos but seriously I can't wait for these to arrive.

Eureka Models Saturated NSWGR D50 Class

Eureka Models Superheated NSWGR D50 Class

On Sunday morning Rohan Fergusson (Bolivia Blog) dropped by for a look at Bylong and a chat before heading back home to the north. Although Rohan is a diesel man I managed to get him to drive the lead C35 while I drove 5085 the banker on that infamous train which was the subject of the video in the last blog post. This time however I had removed a few wagons and we made it to the top without incident. I might have to put one or two wagons back on it, it seemed a bit too easy. Sorry, no photos, I was busy.


wango said...

Arrh, but you don't have the extra notes and maps I gave out in the session. If you want to supply a mailing address I am happy to send them too you.
Chris wangmann

Phil White said...


If you are desperate, I have about two pages of chicken scratches (sometimes called notes) from the mechanical signalling presentation that can be scanned if you wish.

It was a very good presentation.

cheers Phil

Ray P said...


Thanks for the kind offer but I have sent an email to Chris who will send me the extra notes.


BOLIVIA said...

Great to see Bylong again after all these years.
And great to drive a train around ,thanks very much.
Also good to some level of professionalism creeping into your train opperations,with no 57 bankers.
Thanks again