Saturday, July 13, 2013


I am sitting here writing this post as the sun sets on my first day of retirement.

My last day of course was yesterday and it was a strange day to say the least. Although I knew it was my last day it felt as though I was going on holidays as I cleaned up my email, files and closed off various things I was working on. Over the last 20 or so years I have always had a job with responsibilities for NSW and where I was the only person doing the work and with the knowledge, so it was natural to be preparing for my holidays by bringing the work to a state where I could have a break.

The company has advertised for my replacement and I will go back when the person is appointed and do a handover to bring the person up to speed.

Chris and I had a dinner with a small group of work mates on Wednesday night at a very nice Indian Restaurant in Harris Park called Chutneys. We had a great time with much laughter and good food.

Yesterday was  hard to describe but it was nice to see the number of people who attended the morning tea and who later came to my office to say goodbye and also an emotional thank you to those special friends who were just amazing, they know who they are.

Chris came and picked me up at 5:20pm, I wanted to put in a full working day and why not? I actually finished my last bit of work at 4:25pm and spent the last bit of time talking to one of those special friends.

Chris and I then went to one of our favourite restaurants, Indian again, Murraya, and this time in Miranda, is there a pattern there?

Afterwards at home we watched  the last two episodes of West Wing, we started it about a year ago and watched one or two episodes a week. It was good way to end my retirement with the end of such a great series.

Well, enough of the emotional stuff I will be back to trains shortly now that I have a bit more time, or so I think, we will see what retirement brings.


Gary Laker said...

Congratulations Ray, well deserved and not before time either !
May it be a long and fulfilling retirement and I hope that you and Chris get to tick EVERYTHING off "the list" !

wango said...

Congratulations on the retirement. I hope you enjoy a full and fun filled retirement and all your dreams and wishes come true. Also now you will have plenty of time for that layout of yours.
Chris Wangmann

Rod said...

The Bylong Retiree...

Amazing what some will do for cheap car rego!!!

Congratulations and best wishes from the Green With Envy family from Goulburn.

Will expect a greater Blog presence

Rod Kelly

Colin Hussey said...


All the best for you & Chris in your retirement. Like most others who enter into such a field they soon find out that they wonder how they ever found the time to go to work.



alco said...

All the best in your retirement, just think you have more time to get those kits and other things built, and best of all run some trains.

Paul Moss

Ian Phemister said...

Hi Ray,
All the best for a happy and modelling filled retirement. Hope we can finally meet some day. We must of missed each other again at Thornleigh.

Standard Goods Fan said...

best wishes to you and Chris on your retirement, the best of health as well.

I look forward to more posts!


railmod said...

Hi Ray,

Wishing you & Chris all the best for a long & happy retirement & having more fun with the trains.

Cheers Alex.

Ray P said...

Thanks all, I appreciate the thoughts and best wishes.


Iain Robinson said...

I'm a bit late adding my good wishes, sorry...but here they are anyway! I've tried to retire a few times...I hope you are more successful than I have been. I read your post with a great deal of pleasure...although there's a nice, poignant feeling, it seems you have been fortunate to have had a good workplace and good folk as colleagues. I guess you don't need me to tell you to enjoy yourself... best regards, Iain

B. Kooistra said...

Congrats, Ray, on pushing on into retirement. I can tell that you enjoyed most aspects of your working life, your co-workers and the challenges and solutions you dealt with. I can also understand how leaving it all behind can leave a void that may take a bit to fill. . .buy I'm sure Bylong will help take care of that! I'm envious--"only" 12 or so years for me. . .I wish you a long and fulfilling retirement, and plenty of time to do with Chris all the things you dreamed of. Like visit Texas! HA!