Sunday, April 6, 2014

Accessing the gears in a Trainorama NSWGR 44 Class bogie

Trainorama have said that they are bringing in replacement axle centres for their NSWGR 44 class bogies that seem to suffer from split gears.

If you have tried to get a 44 class bogie apart then you will know that it is almost impossible. It seems to have been designed to go together and not come apart.

The problem is that there are eight small clips that hold the bottom plate in place. The clips are on the bogie gear box sides and they clip onto the bogie bottom cover plate, however the clips are in a small hole and are almost inaccessible.

The solution to getting the bottom plate off is to grind the clips down until there is only a small amount of plastic still holding on. At this point the cover plate can be removed by flexing the two ends upwards while using your thumb to hold down the centre of the cover plate. This is harder to explain than to do.

I used a micro-engraver which I got from Jaycar but I have seen it in other places such as Bunnings (some time ago). The advantage of using this engraver over a larger Dremel style hand tool is that this engraver is battery powered and doesn't have much torque, there is no out of control damage when the bit digs in, the engraver just stops. A good magnifying light is very useful as well.

Here is a photo of the engraver and the Jaycar link.

You will need to use a small bit in the engraver.

Here is a photo that shows the clips already ground down, I apologise that it is difficult to see the ground down clips in the four square holes along each side of the bogie cover plate, I tried to get a good photo but black plastic clips in black plastic holes are not easy to see at any time.

Now we wait for Trainorama to bring in the replacements.


Rod said...


Thanks for the tip. I have had no problems ( as yet) with the 44s but have heard a lot of talk about the issue and the promised fix from Trainorama. My question is, how prevalent or widespread is the problem?. And what activity seems to bring the problem on.

Regards, Rod

Ray P said...


I don't know how widespread it is but if Trainorama are bringing in the replacements it must be an issue. This issue has apparently surfaced on other brand models in the US as well.
As I understand it there is a clicking noise as the split gear turns and the teeth don't quite match with the other gears due to the increased distance between two teeth either side of the split in the gear hub. It would probably interfere with the smooth running as well.

I suspect I have one in one of my 44s fitted with sound.


Ray P said...


I would imagine that the interference fit of the gear hub and the axle is too tight causing the failure over time.


Jim said...

A friend of mine has had the problem in his 44's,47 and 49.
He found that the problem was the plastic which holds the wheel axles had split and he could see the axle inside the plastic. The fix was he cut some sleeves from an aerial off a portable transistor radio an slid it over the plastic axle sleeve with araldite and this closed the split and has fixed the problems.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I'm a pensioner ( yeah, I know ) , but I reckon that at the cost of these models , the bloody things should not require repairs ! or at the very least , Trainorama could arrange for them at no cost to the modeller .