Saturday, October 15, 2016

Error in the C32 Funnel

OK, I rarely have to say this but I have made a mistake!
I have withdrawn the C32 funnel from my Shapeways shop as the height is wrong!!!!
I didn't notice that the draftsman when he drew the original plan left a gap in the profile of the tapered part of the funnel. I traced right over it didn't I. The draftsmen sometimes used to do this when what they had to draw wouldn't fit the drawing paper.
I was just checking something on the C32 funnel 3D design in preparation for doing the D50 funnel for those who are want to replace the Eureka Models D50 funnel when I found the mistake.
The funnel as at least 4 inches too short.
Note to self when tracing a drawing always check the actual dimension and compare.
I have sent a message to the three people who ordered the funnel by the Shapeways email system letting them know that I will redraw, order a replacement for them and send it to them when it arrives.
Very embarrassing I can tell you

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