Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yes, I got distracted

Well, I ended the last post with a mention of the hanging lights in the pictures of Lithgow shed. Investigations revealed that these were standard of course however I have been unable to find photos of the lights between the side of the shed and the first track. The lights in the Lithgow shed photo are on a main truss between each track and they only show at Lithgow because at least one bay has been removed opening up the inside to daylight. If anyone has a photo showing the lights towards the side walls I would be interested in seeing it.
While researching the lights I started to work out how I was going to light these shades when they are suspended on a thin piece of electrical conduit.
As an experiment I have produced the following.
The first photo shows the new Wollar level crossing with a power pole and street light.

The second photo is a night scene.

How did I do it?
I used a surface mount 603 warm white LED with a Tichy lamp shade, some brass wire and some conductive silver paint to get the power to the LED.
It involves conductive silver paint from one contact on the LED out, up and over the shade to the wire conduit and then down the pole to a 1K Ohm resistor and power wire. The brass wire conduit is then coated with super glue and allowed to harden for a day after which the conductive silver paint is painted from the other LED contact out and up over the lamp shade, over the coated wire and down the other side of the pole to power wires under the pole. The power source is 12v DC.
Pretty cool!
I always was going to light the layout for night operation and this is my second light, the first being the Wollar loco depot yard light. I will slowly add lights around the layout. The more that you think about it the more places you realise that you needs lights for.
The loco shed will be next but I also have to make three smoke flues that aren't included in the kit. luckily there is a plan in the article on Broken Hill Loco Depot in Byways of Steam 7.
Here is a photo of a smoke flue I received from Alex Nadalini. The actual chimney part has been removed as this shed is being torn down (Orange I believe - Cowra actually, see comment below from James Black).


James Black said...

Cowra, because i can see part of 3013 on the left, and the drive through roller door on road three on the right. this was back when the roof was being rebuilt a few years back.

Gary Laker said...

As always your "distraction" has borne fruit. Excellent result and an innovative solution.
Night shot looks awesome! Just needs one of the local strays wandering past, or the town drunk leaning up against the wall !

Anonymous said...

Ray As the outside light was often a main walkway light, it was usual for a standard shaded light to be fitted to a pole.

I cannot remember what was at Lithgow, but at WCK, there was a light pole right at the edge of the roundhouse, also Enfield had similar light poles on the outside or the sheds, as often there was enough light around the shed, & turntable areas anyway.

I have a couple of photo's of Lithgow taken in 66, on a Sunday afternoon, unfortunately they do not show the lights there. I have a copy of a photo of Enfield #1 shed, that shows the top of a light pole on the coal stage end of the shed.

Happy to send what I can.

Dare I suggest the Train Hobbies locomotive depots books as there are some reasonable photo's there.

Col Hussey

Ray P said...

I was looking for information on the lights on the inside of the shed between the last track and the shed wall. I have seen a photo in a book, possibly one of the Train Hobbies loco depot ones that shows the lamp shade of a light near the wall but not how it is suspended. I could see some conduit crossing above the loco at right angles to the wall so the lights may have been suspended from the conduit. You see there isn't a truss above the light. It would be nice to get it right but I won't wait too long or I will follow my usual method and stall on the construction.

Anonymous said...


From my reccolections & this is all I can say is that in steam days, that is before many roundhouses were fitted with flouro lighting, they were never brilliantly lit.

In the photo of the Cowra shed, the conduit routing would be fairly well positioned how they were in steam days but using old lights & largish shades. on the side walls of the sheds, there were usually the same amount of lights (I think it was 3) that ran along the roofing area, close to the walls, I cannot reccolect them being on the walls themselves, some like Enfield #1 shed had them at the back end outside entry points, where you walked across the departure road end.

One of the train Hobbies books has a photo of 2 shed BMD at night, showing the garratt shed, as well as the converted diesels side taken at night, I am also pretty sure there are night photo's in the 59 & 60cl books, but not directly showing the walls themselves, although you may get the concept from them.

Sorry I could not help more


Ray P said...


That's OK, you can see the problem though.
I will probably end up putting the side lights in as best as I can and they really won't be all that visible anyway. I just want the dim yellow night lighting effect.


Anonymous said...


As the roundhouse is only 3 stalls, & most LEDs even the SMD's emit a lot of light, I would suggest having only 2 lights per bank, that is a bank between the roads & then along the walls, the lighting in the roundhouse is naturally meant for the walkway - access areas.

The areas along the walls usually had lockers & machinery along them as such a need to illuminate that area. All depots had the huge big signs Safety First, & many had a monthly safety board as well.

I am very interested in what you are doing as I have set all my planning towards night time operations, & purchased an blue LED Rope light, to string up in the train room to simulate a full moon atmosphere, as well as allow enough light for ease of walking & access.

I follow with bated breath

Ray P said...

On the real sheds there are four old incandescent shaded lights suspended from each main truss between the tracks and then the lights along the inside walls to light that side of a loco.
So there should be 16 I guess.
I will attempt to dim the LEDs down with the right resistor.
The street light has a 1K Ohm 1/4 watt resistor and is not real bright so I will start with that size.
I am thinking of placing the resistors on the lower wall at the rear maybe on a bit of PCB so that I can change them to adjust the light level. I will cover them with a bench or lockers.
Still some working out and experimenting to do.