Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Signal Assembly Instructions Update

I have just updated the assembly instructions on the Signals Branch blog.

I did this as a result of currently assembling 16 signals (single posts and brackets).

I amended the drill bit sizes for the fine holes in the White Strong and Flexible (WSF) material and the Fine Ultra Detail (FUD) material. The  drill bit sizes were amended because the WSF expands slightly when drilled so you end up with a smaller hole than the drill bit. As a result the next drill bit size larger than for the FUD is used.

I also added something that I forgot to mention which is that the signal lamps have been designed to take a 0.8mm golden white LED (the ones with 150mm/6 inch leads). Some thoughts are included on wiring.

I haven't installed any 0.8mm LEDs in the signals as I am using Tam Valley Singlet Servos which have Green and RED bi-colour LEDs on the small control board.  The control boards are all under the layout near the servos. I won't be using the push buttons on the control boards to change the signals they will be run from a layout panel on JMRI using some logic. I will probably extend one of the bi-colour LEDs from each control board out to the fascia opposite the signal to show the status.

One problem with semaphore signals on a model railway is that we view the signals from some unusual angles and can't always see the actual arm position. The bi-colour LED will show the arm position for the driver.

If I ever get into night time operations then I will probably install the 0.8mm LEDs in those signals that can be viewed from the front.

Lastly, there are instructions on making clear lenses for the signals and colouring them with Tamiya Clear Red and Clear Blue.

The prototype signals had blue lenses so that the yellow light from the kerosene lamp would show green. This is why a golden white LED should be used, probably at a low light level which will depend on the value of the resistor used.

A statement and an amended date is at the top of the instructions and if there are any further amendments the date will change and I will list the amendments.

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