Friday, January 2, 2015

Signals Branch

As promised I have just opened my Shapeways shop online and it is known as Signals Branch. I have added it to a list of links on the right side of this blog.

I hope that you get some value from the design work I have done over the last six months.

Be aware that the prices quoted on the Shapeways site are in US$ and that any order you place will be converted to AU$.

Please read the welcome post which can be accessed on the right hand side of the Signals Branch blog. It would be nice if it could remain at the top of the posts but there doesn't seem to be facility for this.



Anonymous said...

Fantastic work Ray! I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on doing the "fabricated" type posts via this method.

Cheers, Ian.

Ray P said...


If you mean the lattice type then no, the design minimum wall and wire thicknesses won't work.

But I am looking at the angle iron and tubular post types but I suspect it will be a composite kit with brass tube.


Peter said...

Hi Ray can you post pictures with a darker background ,is that a built on actuator arm ??? sorry cannot think of the correct term . Also are they sent from here or overseas
regards Peter

Anonymous said...


Sorry, I did mean the posts made from I think 4" angle with pieces of flat attached. I'll dig up a photo and email to you.


Ray P said...


Unfortunately the pictures are generated by Shapeways so I have no control. I agree, it is pretty silly really to have an object in white against a light coloured back ground.

The 'actuator arm' is attached to the signal mechanism and is to cut off, slipped onto the peg on the mechanism and a screw is used to keep it there.

I hope that makes sense.

Ray P

Ray P said...


Have you clicked on the picture? It gives you another couple of views including one which is able to be rotated but unfortunately the pictures can't be zoomed in, annoying really.

The models will be printed in and come from Shapeways in New York USA not from me. I don't take any part in the process other than being the designer.

Ray P