Monday, August 10, 2009

Final Cassilis Track Layout v2

Is anything ever final on a model railway?

At the moment here is the track layout on the baseboards. I have gone for a slightly unconventional terminal track end whereby the main line passes through the platform (see plan in previous post) but doesn't stay straight as it swings through the crossover and ends as the second track from the right at the bottom of the photo. I hope that makes sense?

The reason was to allow me to fit in a loco stabling/railmotor servicing track next to the turntable. There was no other way that I could swing a track into place but I think it's important to the terminus, to me at least.

Also in my efforts to get that typical set of crossovers into the goods yard from the loop I have a shorter goods siding to live with but hey, I like the flexibility for shunting the goods and stock sidings.

I have also had to use a curved point at the throat of the yard to get the correct swing off the incoming curve.

The observant will notice that the branch crosses over the Coxs Gap Loop which is not prototypical for NSW by any means. This is a compromise I have had to live with to enable me to get a branch terminus, the space above the lower staging yard being the only possible location. It's also the way the main got to the upper staging yard before it's leap across the room to the left.

The secret is that the track is going to cross a brick road bridge over Cox's Gap Loop so that unless you really look you will not know that a rail line is crossing it unless a train does so.

The next stage will take a while as I am investigating the use of Kadee under track magnets which will be hinged below the baseboard to be raised into position when required. I will probably do a small mock up of the base board and do some trial fitouts. I have worked it all out in theory but you know how it goes, there is always something you haven't thought of. The other reason is that I need about ten and I only have two at the moment.

While I collect the magnets I will start to scratchbuild the points.