Monday, February 25, 2013

A Little Light on the Subject

Years ago when I first started my present version of Bylong in its current home I had 5 x 100 watt incandescent pearl globes as lighting in the 20' x 20' (6M x 6M) garage. This was the situation until the CFL flourescents appeared on the market. I did a bit of a trial of the 15 watt cool white and warm white CFLs and settled on the warm white as being more correct for our summery location.

Over several years I began to replace every second warm white with a cool white in an attempt to get a better colour balance.

Here is a scene taken under a warm white and a natural in the one mounting (home made), the 'globes' are 180 degrees from each other pointing outwards and approximately above the scene.

I was not happy with the overall room light output and replaced some of the 15 watt CFLs with 48 watt 'natural' temperature CFLs (available from Bunnings at about $18).

Last Saturday I decided that I would change the room lights to Natural and here is the same scene under 'natural' temperature lighting.

The sky is bluer and the variations in grass colour show up better.

Overall I am much happier as I for the last 6 months or so I had been adjusting the colour temperature on my model photos to the 'natural' temperature.

I have yet to replace the CFLs on the lower deck of the layout, these are a mixture of 5, 8 and 11 watt CFLs depending on the need.

So now I have 5 x 48 watt room lighting instead of 5 x 100 watt, oh well, got to keep the energy company in business.