Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Shapeways Pricing and Shipping Changes

I have just received an email from Shapeways regarding changes to their pricing and shipping times. The details will be announced on 22 October.

Click on this link to read the letter.

Shapeways got a new CEO about six months ago and since then a number of materials have been dropped from their printing line. Also there hasn't been any discounts or free shipping for most of the year. Shapeways has been losing money in several ways and all this is an attempt to get the company working properly.

The GST addition in July impacted to pricing as well as I have previously posted.

Prices for existing items on Shapeways shops will remain the same until 2019 when they will be adjusted to the new pricing structure whatever that may be, I doubt that it will be down.

Default shipping times will be longer (looks like about 10 days longer than currently) but there will be a fast shipping option, no doubt at an increased price.

We will have to see where this goes.