Tuesday, July 9, 2019

PC 15 inch Panel Right Hand Door Signal Box

I have meant to do this since the previous post about the Gilmore signal box.

I have just uploaded to my Signals Branch Shapeways shop the various parts for a right hand door 15 inch panel PC signal box examples of which were at Bogan Gate, Bombala, Coolamon and Weethalle. I am sure they would have been found at other locations but these above are all I found photos of.

The Gilmore 15 inch panel PC signal box is a left hand door version and I haven't found any other photos of left hand door 15 inch panel PC signal boxes.

Similarly to the Gilmore left hand door version the signal box is available either complete (needs a concrete water tank) or as separate walls, roof and detail parts.

The detail parts sprue for the right hand door 15 inch panel PC signal box version has two downpipes as different signal boxes had the downpipes and water tanks at different ends. See photos below.

Right Hand Door 15 inch Panel PS Signal Box Detail Parts with two downpipes
The separate signal box components allow for easier painting and the walls and roof are in different materials for the level of finish required.

The roof for the right hand door (RHD) 15 inch panel signal box is the same roof as for the Gilmore signal box.

Bogan Gate - Photo from Heritage for NSW Facebook Group

Coolamon Signal Box - Branchline Modeller 3

Weethalle Signal Box - Kim - Camden Tramway Blog
When I get some time I will do the standard 10 inch panel PC signal box.

Post Script
The initial blog post of the Gilmore signal box had 3D render images with 6 pane windows but these were changed quickly to the correct 9 pane version when it was pointed out by Rob Nesbitt (see comments of the Gilmore post). It was as plain as day in the photos so I don't know how I managed to get it wrong initially.