Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Abrasive block update - Amended

Here is an update on the availability and price of the Josco GarryFlex abrasive block.

In a comment by 'Biokeith' on my last post I was pointed towards Element14 which used to be Farnells as being a supplier of the block at a better online price of $11.60 and then a sliding scale downwards as you order more.

Here is the link.

Element14 also have a Trade Counter that can be found at:

72 Ferndell Street,
Chester Hill NSW 2162

Further contact information online at: Element14.

'AlbertM' also left  a comment to advised me that he had got a block at Fishers Discounts in ACT. I tried to find the abrasive block on their site but couldn't.

I have amended the RS Components company to Farnell above after a comment by Brendan who stated that RS Components has the abrasive blocks.

RS Components address is:

25 Pavesi St
Smithfield. NSW 2164

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Back to the grind and a bit of a sad time

Last post I said I was going to investigate track cleaning rubbers and here are some findings.

I went looking for abrasive ink rubbers but couldn't find any other than the usual white pencil and grey ink rubber even in stationary stores.

I did a web search for abrasive rubber/blocks and managed to find a source for a 80mm x 50mm x 20mm 240 grit block from a company in Melbourne called Josco, the block is called a GarryFlex block. I checked their web site for Sydney suppliers. I found one, Total Tools at Cowper St, Granville, coincidentally near where I work, they have other stores in NSW.

I dropped in and they didn't have any but would order one in for me. It took a few days and I picked it up for $19.95. Now this sounds expensive but it is large and will last the lifetime of most layouts.

As to performance, it works very well and here is a picture of the block.

I took the block along last Friday night to the Rambler meeting at Ron's Werris Creek layout so that we could clean the trackwork as we prepare the layout for its first running session in a while. Now Bob Lynch aka Junior Bob also turned up with a similar 240 grit block that he had ordered from Micro-Mark. It also worked very well as you would expect. The Micro-Mark block is US $7.50 but you would need to factor in the pack and post costs. I have bought a number of items from Micro-Mark and the cheapest postage was $18. If several people got together for one order there might be a better rate per block landed here.

Well, that's about all I have been up to in the hobby for the last few weeks other than dismantling a layout my father and I have been building for him over the last several years. Dad and Mum are moving into an aged care unit and it is a bit sad to see them having to reduce their well loved possessions and furniture to fit into the unit.

Dad hopes he can do something layout wise in the Men's Shed the facility is about to build, fingers crossed for him. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos and we were just starting the scenery. The layout was designed to come apart into pieces but the track and wiring had to be cut where they crossed the joins. The layout is in storage at my daughter's place so hopefully Dad can get something going again even if not as it was.