Sunday, June 24, 2018

Wombat Models C30T Funnel and Steam Dome Replacements

I have added replacements for the Wombat Models C30T funnel and steam dome to my Signals Branch Shapeways shop.

The funnel and steam dome have been designed from NSWGR plans and are available as replacements for the three part funnel and the steam dome of the Wombat Models HO NSWGR C30T Class steam locomotive.

The funnel has the correct 8 bolts around the flange.

The funnel and steam dome have been produced in Smooth and Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic (SFDP - acrylic). The SFDP steam dome has been made hollow to allow rolled up lead sheet to be inserted for extra weight, it should be noted that the existing dome on the model has a small piece of brass inserted in it.

The funnel and steam dome have also been done in brass after a request from a modeller.

The brass steam dome is solid for extra weight and to minimise the weight of the brass funnel the hole goes right through.

Unfortunately the Wombat Models smokebox has a weight in it which is well forward of the front driving wheels which with the lever action produced will reduce the weight on the rear driving wheels, bad design. It may be possible to remove the weight but it is almost certainly held in by the same glue as the funnel and steam dome. Perhaps there is a 'solvent' that will dissolve the glue without impacting the plastic of the smokebox (brake fluid, citrus oil, eucalyptus oil, maybe?). If attempting this, do remove the small lighting printed circuit board and test a small drop of the 'solvent' somewhere out of sight, inside the boiler perhaps.

The funnel and steam dome have been designed to fit in the same slight recesses and holes in the boiler and smokebox.

The Wombat Models funnel and steam dome have been glued in place with a slightly flexible glue that doesn't attack the plastic of the locomotive. They can be removed by pulling and working it back and forth carefully using your fingers.

Clean the glue fully from the recesses and continually trial fit to ensure that the original glue is all gone or the funnel and steam dome will not sit correctly.