Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Couple of Bracket Signals and Some Ladders

I have just expanded the HO Fine Detail Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD) and 7mm Scale White String and Flexible (WSF) range of signals with a left and a right hand NSWGR Lower Quadrant tapered timber post Bracket Signal.

The HO version can be found in the Fine Detail Signals section of my Signals Branch Shapeways shop and the 7mm Scale versions can be found of course in the 7mm Scale section of the shop.

The following renders of the 3D file for the left hand bracket shows the detail I have managed to achieve. I am particularly proud of the results.

HO Fine Detail Bracket Signal
Note the see through boards and holes for wire handrails

Note the support brackets under the platform and the lamp detail

Note the wheels at the post base and the platform cast iron bracket
that is separate to allow painting inside the two timber bracket beams

7mm  Scale Bracket Signal

The same 3D design is used for both the HO and 7mm Scale signals, adjusted slightly and re-scaled.

The bracket signals come with one 39" and one 30" signal arm for a main line and a loop. As I have included the most likely signal arm sizes I will be making a range of signal arms available if different sizes/types are required.

The supporting struts attached to the HO signal post and bracket are to be removed of course, they are there to protect and support the bracket during the printing process.

To complete the HO Fine Detail signal a suitable mechanism is required and the 2 arm mechanism should be purchased. The mechanism is in WSF as it is much cheaper than the FUD material that the signal is made of. The mechanism is glued to the underside of the base of the signal.

As can be seen above the 7mm Scale signal has the appropriate mechanism as part of the print as the signal is done in WSF.

Ladders will be required and printed ladders for each scale are available.

HO 2 Ladders Sprue - FUD

HO - 10 Ladders with Cast Iron Ladder Bases - FUD

7mm Scale 2 ladder Sprue - FUD

From the above list it will be seen that I now have a sprue of 10 HO ladders printed in Frosted Ultra Detail acrylic material and these come with the cast iron signal ladder base as part of the ladder.

Apart from use with the HO Fine Detail Signals, these ladders were also designed to replace the coarser ladder of the original basic White Strong and Flexible signals if the modeller so desires or for use on other suppliers signals.

10 x HO Frosted ultra Detail Ladders with Cast Iron ladder Bases
Platform handrails are to be bent up by the modeller from brass or phosphor bronze wire as required.

Friday, June 3, 2016

The Future of the Hobby - One Man's View - Interesting

I occasionally visit a blog by Trevor Marshall who is modelling a Canadian branch line in S Scale called Port Rowan.

This post is not about his layout but I present this recent post with his thoughts on a possible direction to keep the hobby from dying away.

Trevor's post is based on a speech he gave recently at a convention and I ask you to have a read and to also read the comments at the end of his post, thought provoking, I believe he may be onto something.

Click here for the link.

There may be something here and in the comments for exhibition organisers to think about as well.