Saturday, January 14, 2012

Correcting a Problem

I recently found out that a number of files that I had links to in previous posts were no longer available so I have corrected the links in the posts to provide these files on what should be a stable site (Google Documents).

Tarping an S Wagon - Not a One Hour Project

A PDF of three HO NSWGR tarpaulins for printing on tissue paper (laser printer).

Missing in action but back again...

DecoderPro files for my NSWGR Austrains C36 class set up as described in the post to drift and also to have the exhaust sound increase and decrease in response to layout grades, etc. Both auto chuff and cam chuff files are available.

Austrains FS/BS Rolling and Weight Problems Solved

Here is a spreadsheet that I use to calculate the weight needed for a HO wagon or passenger car based on a system devised by Terry Flynn and myself years ago. This weighting system is designed to allow relatively prototypical train loads to be handled by our model locomotives as compared to the NMRA weighting formula.

Bylong Operation Night

Various PDF files of the Bylong Timetable Excel spreadsheet and a NSWGR X2010 form.

I apologise to those who tried the links only to find that the file wasn't there.