Saturday, October 19, 2013

Eureka Models VR R Class preview video

Last night I had the opportunity to see, photograph, listen to, run and video the new Eureka Models VR R Class steam locomotive.  Ron Cunningham received two VR R Classes during the day and he came over to show me and for me to photograph them for his blog/web site/Eureka Times. I really don't know where the photos will appear but I am sure that you will see them soon. The Eureka Models VR R Class production run is to be loaded on a ship on 27 October, details can be found at the Eureka web site or blog.

Ron has allowed me to present a quick video of the R Class.

I of course don't model VR but comparing the sounds to YouTube videos I would have to say that it certainly does sound like an R Class.

Also, since the sound version has a QSI Titan chip then this would be the first QSI Titan steam locomotive sound set.

Here is the Eureka Models VR R Class video:

And here is a real VR R Class YouTube video:

A final note, the actual model R Class has a bit more bass than the sound in the video of the model.