Friday, October 28, 2016

After a Little Shunting

A few days ago I was shunting a mixed train at the Cassilis branch line terminus station and came across a problem, admittedly I had run into this one before.

I had a short train made up of eight 4 wheel wagons, a HCX and a SHG guards van arrive in Cassilis yard, stopping so that the HCX and SHG were in the platform to allow passengers to alight and for the unloading of 'out ofs', etc.

OK, easy enough but now the HCX had to remain in the platform for the moment but it may need to be moved later to allow shunting to take place which involved running around the train and ultimately assembling the consist in the platform road for the return trip.

I started by leaving the HCX and SHG in the platform but quickly realised that this wasn't going to work as I had several S trucks of locomotive coal that had to be shunted into the loco depot to the coal stage (non-existent at the moment). So the HCX and SHG had to move, to where though?

Ultimately the HCX was placed in the wheat siding (on left at far end of yard in photo below) and the SHG was moved to begin making up the return consist.

The shunting problem made me realise that the yard needed a place to store the HCX or the CPH railmotor if necessary if it arrived while there was a goods train at Cassilis.

I had a railmotor/passenger car siding in an earlier design but removed it as I thought the station was getting too complicated.

Here is a photo of a number 6 Fast Tracks Y point (turnout) paper template in place on the loco depot turntable lead, the curves of the Y point fit quite well and there is just enough room to fit in the required siding next to the turntable.

So, now I have another issue, do I build a passenger car shed or not and where will I get a plan? I think I saw a plan in one of my Byways of Steam books, I must go and search. Of course I will also need a fueling point for the CPH as well.

Wait, and now I have to scratchbuild another point, rats!

Oh well, there is always something in this hobby that we have to do before we can enjoy other aspects.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

NSWGR 44 Class Original Marker Lights and NSWGR C32 3D Designs Corrected

I corrected and uploaded the C32 3D designs the next day but forgot to post the information on the blog.

Here is the update on my Signals Branch Shop.

Also shown on the link are HO NSWGR 44 Class marker lights for the 44s as they originally came. These are made to back date the Trainorama 44 Class model.

44 Class marker lights - Design without the post-printing protective box frame
Front Marker Lights - Photo by Graham Ball

Rear Marker Lights - Photo by Graham Ball

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Error in the C32 Funnel

OK, I rarely have to say this but I have made a mistake!
I have withdrawn the C32 funnel from my Shapeways shop as the height is wrong!!!!
I didn't notice that the draftsman when he drew the original plan left a gap in the profile of the tapered part of the funnel. I traced right over it didn't I. The draftsmen sometimes used to do this when what they had to draw wouldn't fit the drawing paper.
I was just checking something on the C32 funnel 3D design in preparation for doing the D50 funnel for those who are want to replace the Eureka Models D50 funnel when I found the mistake.
The funnel as at least 4 inches too short.
Note to self when tracing a drawing always check the actual dimension and compare.
I have sent a message to the three people who ordered the funnel by the Shapeways email system letting them know that I will redraw, order a replacement for them and send it to them when it arrives.
Very embarrassing I can tell you

Monday, October 10, 2016

NSWGR C32 Funnel and Steam Domes

OK, I hadn't realised that it has been so long since my last post, so sorry about that.

Firstly, it seems that I have somehow lost my list of blogs that I like. It will take me a while to re-make it as I don't have all the web links as favourites!!!!!

Secondly, I have been a bit busy with some 3D prints the latest being a HO C32 funnel and steam dome primarily to fit the Ixion C32.

A number of modellers have commented about the Ixion funnel being made from three pieces with the joins showing badly. The bottom flared section is plastic, the middle is turned metal and the top is plastic again. I believe that it is also considered to be too tall.

While I was drawing I decided to do the steam dome as well.

While the flange on the base of the funnel and steam dome is very thin on the prototypes the outer edge of the flange on both the 3D printed funnel and dome is 1.18 inches thick on the model parts (1/3 mm). This is just above the minimum allowed design thickness of the Frosted Ultra Detail and Frosted Extreme Detail acrylic material. To keep the correct overall profile this is one of the compromises necessary when modelling.

One slight advantage of the funnel is that it is light so the loss of the metal part of the Ixion funnel is an advantage as the Ixion C32 is nose heavy which causes issues with traction. There is a metal weight in the boiler that projects well beyond the front driving wheel axle and this weight is not balanced by weight at the rear of the locomotive. Only a small thing but everything counts.

I have made them available on my Shapeways Signals Branch Shop either individually or together at:

Here are some computer renders and the plans I worked from:

I have been asked about doing a funnel for the Eureka Models D50 Class and I have got hold of the plans. The steam dome is the same but the funnel is 2 inches shorter than the C32 funnel. This request is based on the AMRM review in which it is stated that the funnel was/looked too high. I shall have to measure my D50 funnel.

More about what I have been up to with the 3D printing soon.