Monday, October 20, 2014

Werris Creek Station - Colour Update

I have been able to find a photo of the Werris Creek station buildings taken on 03/02/1973 by A. J. Hurst (John) on his web site. I contacted John to see if he had any more useful photos from that day but after a search he responded that the answer was no. I thanked John and certainly appreciated the time that he took to look for me.

Here is the photo that tells me most of what I needed to know. The year 1996 is not the date that the picture was taken.

The cream or light stone trim with the white rectangles and windows are shown quite clearly in this photograph. Also shown is the interesting colour around the white rectangles, it appears to be a light greyish green, perhaps khaki (also see the 1969 photos from the last post).

Now this photograph really only left the colour of the awning posts and cast iron awning brackets at the top of the posts.

Marcus Ammann told me that there was a 1963 picture on page 38 of the Train Hobby book Country Railway Stations NSW Part 5. I had seen this picture before but had dismissed it but Marcus pointed out that the bottom of a post was in sunlight and that the cast iron brackets above appeared to be cream.

Further searching produced a 1961 photograph by Weston Langford which had a bad red colour shift but did seem to show some colour on the awning post.

I tried to shift the colour back to something more 'normal' by trying to keep the colour of the 48 class within a reasonable range and making the sky blue and this was the result.

As can be seen the post is different to the 1963 photograph. Of interest is the red text on the refreshment room sign and the coloured poster next to the door into the refreshment room.

With nothing further to go on, I have decided that the awning posts and the brackets will probably be painted as per the 1963 photograph. The base of the post will be black (possibly bitumen to protect against water and rust, the posts being in holes capable of retaining water), the post will be a red brown and the cast iron brackets above will be cream.

Here is a 3D printed post and awning truss along with some etched cast iron awning brackets. The post and truss are printed as one piece and the etchings are glued in place. The etchings are a bit rough and are my first effort at etching at home. It would be nice if these could be 3D printed as well but the holes are probably too fine but I must look at it to confirm although it wouldn't be fun drawing the bracket.

So that is where I am up to at the moment.

Chris and I will be going to the New England Convention in November and we will be dropping into Werris Creek on our way back to take some more photos.