Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Layout update

Just to show that I haven't been bludging here is a quick and dirty photo to show progress on the new upper level trackwork and scenery.

The main line climbs up and around behind the tree line to the upper level Gulgong storage.

That's 5085 creeping around the curve on the branch coming from the non-existent terminus.

The terminus will be above the lower staging which can be seen in a panoramic layout view in one of my early posts.

I think that the lower level backscene needs to be repainted to make the mountains rise up higher near the tunnel to better blend with the new upper level scenery.

What I am trying to achieve with the new scenery above the tunnel is the effect of a distant tree lined hill from afar but smaller trees and shrubs when up close looking at just the branch and main line.

I think it works reasonably well.

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