Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let there be light, well a little bit

While pondering if I should light the Wollar station (the answer being , yes) I resolved to finish a yard light kit that I had bought from Casula Hobbies at the October Exhibition last year.

This yard light is cast in brass and looks very nice when painted.

I started it last year and fitted it with a small Golden White LED (GV32) that I had reviewed in AMRM recently for Gwyder Valley Hobbies but like a lot of my modelling it had languished after I ran into a small hold up (how to mount it in the layout so that it was removable - for access to track behind it).

Anyway, I finished it off and mounted it with a mono 3mm plug and socket, the plug being soldered to the base of the post.

The LED is supplied with  very fine enamel coated wires which I used to represent the lamp raising/lowering rope, one wire being soldered to the post at the middle of the post at the cross piece (see desktop pic on the sidebar) and the other was soldered to a fine DCC wire from TCS which ran in a groove cast into the rear of the pole. I am sorry if that is confusing but I didn't take any photos.

I have just noticed that I still haven't put the two 'power' wires that run from the top spreader above the lamp to the middle cross piece, just as well that it is removeable.

Here it is in the depths of night.


South Coast Rail said...

great night mood shot. Would look good with a loco there with headlight on and maybe a light in the cab.

Ray P said...


I just wanted to see how the light from a single yard lamp lit the scene.

I intend to VERY slowly light buildings etc. as I have always felt that night running would be interesting.