Monday, March 15, 2010

A Bit of Video Fun

When I posted the videos of our recent operating session I had used the video option on my still camera so I decided that I should have a go with my actual HD video camera.
I give you this picture to ponder before you download the YouTube video of 6037 passing the colliery junction.

Just a short post tonight so here is the video, not perfect, I need to improve the clarity but that needs more light so that I can get the f stop to f8 and there is another small issue that could have been better:
6037 passing colliery junction.
I really have to get back to some modelling, life has many interesting distractions.


IainS said...

Jane and I thought it was fantastic!!

When I first saw it I thought Eureka! Then Trainorama, then OTM...

Seriously it is a great clip and as well as highlights you modelling skills on Bylong.

Are you ever going to have an open day?

Ray P said...


Thanks, I thought it looked pretty good but I do have to get some more clarity, more light and lower "f" stop.

As you saw by the operating night there isn't a lot of room so I doubt I would have an open day but it should appear in AMRM someday.

You will just have to watch for more pics and videos.