Monday, December 10, 2012

Ampol Tanker No.3 - Weathered

I recently found a photo of the Ampol No.3 tanker on 24 April 1965 (right in my era) in the Train Hobby Blayney/Cowra Branchline book (page 21) and noted that it had a petrol spill from one dome. Here is an extract from the photo showing the spill. There is also another photo of the same train earlier in the book.

I decided that I would attempt to replicate this and here is the result.

I first gave it a dusting of a pale yellowish brown and then airbrushed some clear gloss in the appropriate area. I didn't use a brush as I felt that it would give too sharp an edge.
Unfortunately my air brush decided to spit and I ended with a couple of tinydrops when doing the dusting, oh well it still looks good.

But it could do with a bit more clear as this closer shot shows.


Here it is with some more petrol stain (clear), the spatter can be seen under the walk way below the first dome.


BOLIVIA said...

Hi Ray
One thing I hate it,s a spitting air brush and right at the worst possible time !
Looks like the No 3 on the end of the tank is bigger in real life ?
And the walk-ways look as if they are solid from the shadow they are casting, compared to the models see threw ones ?

Ray P said...

It could just be the angle of the sun that makes the walk way seem solid.
I did backdate the tanker from the 1970's version so the No. 3 could be different. I am certainly not going to try to find a 'correct' size decal though.


Colin Hussey said...

The walkways changed over times, early on they were timber, with minimal gap on the planks, later they were mesh types.

As Ray said, the angle of the sun could make a difference especially with the thin gaps between the timbers.

I think getting the spills on the RTC's is not that easy, & it was not as prevelant as one would think.

B. Kooistra said...

Ray, first-rate modeling on that! The fresh oil spill looks perfect.

Nick Sheridan said...

Ray - well observed! I also note a build up of dust on the bottom half of the tank - which would help highlight the wonderful details even more. cheers nick

Ray P said...


Yes I was aware of the dust underneath and although it doesn't show I did give it some dusting below.

That will do it though, a biggish layout always has other demands.