Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mini Sand Blaster Fine Grit Supply

Earlier this week I received an email from Scott Hamilton with information about where to get supplies of the fine sand blasting grit for the mini sand blaster in my last post.

Scott sent the following information and links:

"I have found that Micro-Mark in the US sell the blasting medium in 5 lb to suit your sand blasting tool. The gun that you have seems to be based on the Passhe model which Micro-Mark also sell."

"Hobbytools Australia also stocks the abrasive medium for these 'air erasers'."
 Just a short post this time but I will post again soon.


Andrew Campbell said...

Good stuff Ray,

After your post I picked one up from Super Cheap. I haven't played with it yet but one day I will. Thanks for the follow up, will have to get these finer granules now.


Dirt Blasting London said...

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Really good post and the best thing about this pos you shared those links too which makes this post more detailed. Thanks much.

webbzilla said...

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