Sunday, October 28, 2012

Been a bit naughty

On Thursday I received my usually email of items on sale at Mwave, a computer online and street front store. Now this time mixed in amongst the items was a Sony NEX 5N 16.1 MP DLSR camera. Now this camera has a small body and two lenses, a 16mm and a 18-55mm and is reasonably suitable for placing into a model scene. Anyway, on Friday morning I went to work to find that my boss had gone to Melbourne so a quick search of the web was done. I found the camera at a shop I had previously used for $200 cheaper ($739) so after a couple of hours of soul searching I buckled, a quick trip and the deed was done.
Anyway, here are a few pictures I took last night.

4823 on goods in the loop at Bylong

4908 and goods on the main at Wollar

And again

3390 on the turntable at Wollar loco depot

The 18-55mm lense has f22 - f32 (f32 at zoom) these three photos were done at f32 which took 30 seconds to expose. I also found it necessary to adust the exposure compensation to get more light. Some contrast and brightness, a bit of sharpening and temperature adjustment was done in my photo program for the final results.
You might notice the Ampol tanker from SDS, this has been modified from the 1970's small Ampol lettered version by removing the 80kph sign and carefully spraying the grey areas around the tank domes black. Here is a photo of a very clean one with 1970 test date, no 80kph sign and areas around the tank domes that appear black not grey. Note that there is no 50mph sign either so the 50mph sign must have been after this photo but before the 80kph, sign appeared sometime later in the 1970's.

Well, I have to go now, I am supposed to be in the garden mowing and planting some new plants.


Rod said...


Good to see others who wrestle with a purchase! Apart from the compact size, what are the other factors that guided your purchase of this particular camera.

Rod Kelly

Ray P said...


The f stops due to the separate lenses at f22 and f32, the viewing LCD screen tilts up so that you can compose and focus on the right spot. There is a focus method with the touch sensitive screen whereby you can touch what you want to focus on in Auto and it will try to move the focus point to it, sometimes it doesn't so you try again.

It does have a manual focus that apparently highlights the focus point in a colour (default is white - changeable) and the focus point zooms in as well. I haven't tried this yet.

It also shoots in RAW which retains all colour info unlike JPG but the files are very large.

It shoots video at Full High Definition and 50 frames/sec.

Probably others but I should get out and mow.


IainS said...

I like the depth of field you are getting. I often find this a real problem with my photography.

Australian Model Railway Magazine said...

Fantastic depth of field, Ray. Looks like a very useful piece of kit!

B. Kooistra said...

As others have said, very nice depth of field with this gear! Nice to have shiny new stuff! And, sorry I missed out with the discounted SDS tankers--asleep at the switch on that one, so I'll stock up on the full-price versions in a few months. My railway is the Shiny Pacific with all the nice new RTR stuff recently added--the stock wagons from Eureka, OCY from SDS, the WTY from Auscision. Have to relearn how to use my air brush and take the shine off these fine models!

Brad H. said...

Some beaut photos here - it's the quality of the modelling, and the composition by the camera man (Ray), and the camera, not just the camera itself!