Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Few Photos from the AMRA Liverpool Exhibition

Here are some photos I took last weekend. They do not represent every layout or my interpretation of the best layout(s). They were taken just because a particular scene caught my eye.

Please note that the photos are not up to my usual standard as I used a small pocket size camera as dragging a tripod around to take good photos is just impossible at the exhibition.

I hope that you see something to enjoy.






A small amount of photo shopping was done to extend backscenes upwards and eliminate backscene joins and marks, etc.

Of course I would probably have taken more but I had too good a time catching up with many modellers. If I didn't catch up with you then maybe next time.


the home layout said...

Hi Ray, where are the photos from your apprentice I seen with you, he has a good teacher, cheers

Ray P said...

Geoff, I have yet to download the photos to the boys PC so I don't know how he went. I suspect that quite a few will be blurred given how quick and how close he was taking them. But we learn by our mistakes.

Nemesis said...

Thanks Ray, there are some really professional modellers out there who do some excellent work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ray,

The layouts prepared by the modellers are excellent! They did a great job.

However, I liked the model layout of Illabo as it completely looks natural to me.