Sunday, March 6, 2016

7mm Scale Clearance Posts with Lamps

New Addition to the 7mm Scale Range

7mm Scale Clearance Posts with Lamps have been added to my Signals Branch Shapeways Shop since my last post, these are printed in Frosted Ultra Detail material and have been designed so that a 3mm LED can be inserted into the bottom of the baseboard mounting to have them lit.

View from below

3D drawing

Shapeways Frosted Ultra Detail Render

Of course these clearance posts with lamps are also available in HO on my Signals Branch Shapeways Shop.

Sorry for these types of posts, the 3D designing and printing has kept me sane over the last 12 months.

I will get back to the usual type of posts soon.


DavidV said...

Don't apologise! I love your posts on the 3d printing. Also thanks for the tip on the shapeway free shipping.

Both Sides Of The Border said...

Hi Ray, you do whatever keeps you going mate.

Nick Sheridan said...

Hi Ray, you going to release the extra detailed HO posts (like you had in Coffs Harbor) in fud?
Great to read your posts... tough year.

Ray P said...

Thanks for the thoughts, appreciated.

Ray P said...


There are four FUD Fine Detail Signals available and I will add a sprue of 2 21' x 12" ladders by tonight. These ladders haven't been printed but they should be fine. There is a possibility that they may come curved but a bit of heat from a heat gun and hold on a flat surface should fix it if it does happen. I think I have added enough sprue support for them to remain rigid. There is a post-printing clean up that involves putting them in an oven to remove a wax support material, Shapeways then washes them in a light vegetable oil I think which is why FUD must be rinsed in Acetone for a minute or so.

I will be putting up a Distant Signal hopefully by tonight also.

Ray P