Friday, October 4, 2019

Australian Made NSWGR Lower Quadrant Brass Signals

I have started a locally made line of NSWGR lost wax cast signals that will be released at the AMRA Homebush Exhibition this weekend.

Here is the information from my latest handout:

Announcing Australian made lost wax cast brass NSWGR lower quadrant signals with the following features:
·         Locally produced and much cheaper than my brass signals from Shapeways
·         Available as a kit or built to order if required
·         Everything you need including brass post and details
·         Castings have been removed from sprues and cleaned up
·         All holes pre-drilled
·         3D printed mechanism with screws mounted
·         Brass wire for safety cage and operating rods
·         Single Post - Kit $60 - Built and painted $100
·         Bracket Post – Kit $100 – Built and painted $170

Assembly instructions can be found on the Signals Branch Blog at:

Contact Ray Pilgrim at for ordering or further information.

SIGNALS BRANCH HO brass Steel and Timber Post Signals with brass ladder

Other Signals Branch signals and models are on my online shop at Shapeways:


Christopher Hain said...

Well this came at just about the right time. Well done Ray, I know I will be buying and I dare say plenty of others will too


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